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Adult Confidentiality Policy:

The therapeutic relationship is built on trust and mutual respect.  Protection of your personal information and the content of therapeutic sessions is vital to ensuring a comfortable, safe therapeutic environment.  Confidentiality will be strictly maintained and information only released with written permission.


Exceptions to Confidentiality:

• I am required by law to report any suspected child abuse or elder/dependent adult abuse immediately to the appropriate authorities, whether the individual is receiving direct therapeutic services or not.

• If I have reasonable belief that an individual intends to harm himself/herself, I will work with the individual as much as possible to ensure safety.  If the individual is unable or unwilling to cooperate in the process of ensuring safety, I must take further action without the individual’s permission and as required by law.  This action may include contacting the appropriate authorities/agencies to ensure the individual remains free from self-harm.

• If I have reasonable belief that an individual intends to harm someone else, I am required by law to inform both the police and the intended victim to ensure everyone remains safe from harm.


Adolescent Confidentiality Policy:

The intake session for all adolescent individuals will consist of evaluation with both the adolescent and parent(s), evaluation with the adolescent alone, and evaluation with the parent(s) alone to gather information necessary to provide quality therapeutic services.  Subsequent sessions may include just the adolescent, just the parent(s), or both as needed.  Confidentiality for adolescents will be strictly maintained as with any other individual, except in such cases as the adolescent’s wellbeing/welfare or safety are concerned.  In such cases, information will be provided to the adolescent’s parent(s) through a joint family session with the adolescent present.


Child Confidentiality Policy:

Sessions with children younger than 13 will generally include the parent(s) for all sessions.

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